hi! im autumn.

Hey! If you’ve found yourself here, thank you! Your interest & support in my work means the absolute world to me. I’ve been in this crazy business professionally for about 4 years now. But i’m pretty sure i came out of the womb with a camera? Don’t quote me on that though. I remember getting my first video camera (a FLIP video camera for all my 90’s babies - if you know you know) for Christmas when i was in 5th grade. The rest was pretty much history.

This wasn’t just something i happened to pick up cause it seemed cool, or something i got into for the money or because it was a popular trend. I’ve been passionate about photographs and films as long as i can remember. Ask any of my childhood friends; i would force them to let me style their hair, pick their outfits AND do their makeup, just to run around our small town neighborhood and take photos on rusty old tractors and picket fences. I’ve now locked those photos in a bullet proof safe for the world to never find lol. My journey has been a long one, full of learning curves and digging deep creatively. But it’s one i truly feel i’m meant to be on. Sounds cheesy, ew…but for real. I continue to grow as an artist every day. Every shoot. Every wedding. Every trip. Every chance i have to create something with my camera in hand.

I shoot mostly weddings, engagements, bridals, and travel stuff. But really just a little bit of everything. I find myself unique in the aspect that i shoot about 50% video & 50% photography. People ask me why i don’t pick just one and go with it. That’s like…giving birth to two super fun children and then deciding to give one up for adoption?

sorry, no can do…hahah

Anyways; this is supposed to be an about me right? well i’ll tell you some things. Im 24 years old, and i live in salt lake city, utah! I spend a lot of my time watching netflix…or more specifically looking for things to watch on netflix (who can relate?). Shopping. unfortunately, i love to shop. I really like shoes, hate me or love me okay? I have the greatest girl gang of friends ever & we travel the world together. All over the dang place, it’s really a dream come true. Im super intrigued with people & different cultures. My number one favorite thing to photograph are people around the world, doing normal everyday things. My entire room is full of photographs i’ve taken of men, women & children throughout my travels. I’m a total foodie, and ive come to terms with it. I will spend any dollar amount on a good food experience. I love music, particularly that of the hip-hop/rap nature. I go to many, many, many concerts. I also go to the movies at least once a week, very loyal to the system. Anything outdoors, count me in. Nature does this thing to me, where it just kind of…idk, takes me breath away & makes me feel super at home & closest to God. Ummm, let’s see. The most important things to me in life are my family & my faith! I really just try to live an exciting, genuine and happy life. i’m a yes girl. I say yes to a lot of things, because life’s short and we get to make it exactly what we want while we’re here. so why not do all the things. ya feel me?

The most gratifying feeling in the world, what drives me and motivates me to keep doing what i do—being able to take the moments that are irreplaceable, and freeze them in time. Being able to capture the unexpected & the unplanned. All in a very raw and organic manner, so that no matter the months, years or lifetimes that might pass…it can still look, sound & feel…just like it did on that very day.

I take pride in my work, and i value relationships with my clients (friends, families, couples, companies) more than i can say. It’s my job & my pleasure to create priceless and timeless work for you, all while making you feel as if we’ve been friends for 100+ years.

You can reach me by email through the contact tab. Shoot me a message and let’s get schemin :)